About Us

The Arab Association of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Societies was established in 1993 by the Initiative of the Jordanian Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

The first founding meeting was held in Amman on 8th of April 1993 and it was attended by representatives of the Arab Societies from Jordan , Tunis , Bahrain , Iraq , Yemen , Palestine and Syria .

They agreed on the By Laws of the Association and a new Executive Board was elected .

H.E , Dr Aref Batayneh from Jordan was elected as a Chairman , Proffessor Ibrahim Hakki from Syria was elected as Vice President .

In 1997 Dr Ibrahim Hakki was elected as the President of the association

In 1999 Prof . M. Sammour from Egypt was elected as Chairman.

In 2003 Prof . Hasan Jamal from Saudi Arabia was elected as Chairman.

In 2007 Prof Abdellatif Ashmaiq from Sudan was elected as Chairman.

In 2010 Dr. Mohammed Rasheed Shehada was elected as Chairman

The Association is run by an Executive Board and General Council which represents all Chairmen of the Arab Societies of OBGYN , Members of the Association .

The Scientific Congress of the Association is held annually in different arab cities all over the Arab world , the First meeting was held in Amman – Jordan 1995 , 2nd in 1997 – Syria , in 1999 was held in Egypt , in 2001 was held in Lebanon and in 2002 was held in Jeddah , in 2004 was held in Morocco , in 2005 was held in Syria , in 2007 was held in Sudan , in 2008 was held in Lebanon , and in 2010 was held in Jeddah , Saudi Arabia .

The Association is composed of 18 members of Arab Societies of OBGYN and it has Five Scientific Groups ,

–          The Arab Fetomaternal Group

–          The Arab Fertility and Assisted Reproduction Group

–          The Arab Menopause Group .

–          The Arab Gyn-Oncology Group .

–          The Arab Gyn-Urology Group  ( Under Establishment )

- The first chairman of  FAGOS  his Excellancy Dr Aref Batayneh from Jordan

- The second chairman of FAGOS was Prof Ibrahim Hakki

- The third Prof.Mohammad Sammour from Egypt

- The fourth Abdelateaf Ashmaiq from Sudan

- The fifth Prof.Hassan Jamal from KSA

-The Sixth Prof.Mohammad Rasheed From Syria

- The Seventh Prof Abdallah Adra from Lebanon

- The Eighth Prof.Faysal Elkak From Lebanon

- The Ninth Prof.Hassan Abdeljabar From KSA

Dr.Mohammad Rasheed 

Prof.Abdalla Adra Prof.Ibrahim Hakki
Prof.Hasan Jamal 
Prof.Aref Albatainah
Prof.Faysal Elkak
Prof.Hassan Abdul Aljabbar